Gil Winch Ph.D., is a psychologist, keynote speaker, and organizational consultant with 30 years of experience. Gil developed, founded and manages Call Yachol (CY), a unique free market social enterprise whose entire workforce of hundreds of employees and managers is comprised entirely of ‘underdogs’. Half of CY’s employees are people with severe disabilities and the rest come from marginalized or disadvantaged populations, and for most, CY is their first place of work. Yet despite that, CY’s workforce all attain regular productivity and make industry standard wages, proving that there is a huge untapped reservoir of talent – underdogs – that many employers are overlooking. Gil has an incredibly moving and inspiring life story which he talks about candidly and with much humor

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TED - Credit to Ihab Jadallah

Winning with underdogs

When Gil found out he had terminal cancer and  a shortened expected lifespan, , he decided to take on the challenge of changing the world with regard to the chronic unemployment of people with severe disabilities and those from other marginalized populations – and he founded CY—a company run, managed and staffed entirely by underdogs. That was 20 years ago. In this moving talk, Gil describes CY’s journey from an idea everyone was against to a successful company whose social impact is creating true global change, while fighting his own battle to survive  cancer.

TED - Credit to Ihab Jadallah

How to find hidden potential

Every day, candidates who have the potential to become great employees fail screening and hiring procedures and are turned away. The reality is that traditional screening and hiring procedures are biased towards those who can manage stress during a job interview—instead of toward those who would actually do a good job in their role. In this fascinating, counterintuitive and entertaining talk, Gil reveals the secrets of finding  candidates with hidden potential  and how to nurture that potential throughout their tenure, to the benefit of all  using real examples of the inspiring employees and managers he has worked with over the years.